Project co-Directors
Koby Sharvit - Director, IAA's Marine Archaeology Unit and Will Krieger - Associate Professor, URI

would like to thank you for supporting ICE, the Israel Coast Exploration Project

The ICE project was a partnership begun in 2010 between Sharvit and Krieger, dedicated to their interest in Israel's amazing (changing) coastline.

Both Will and Koby appreciate the volunteers and staff that made this project a great success.


If you are interested in Koby's current work, click HERE to check out this article on an amazing find in Caesarea.

If you want to join Krieger, click HERE and learn about the last of the 5 Philistine pentapolis cities, Gath. Krieger will be there this year and will be bringing students to study the LB/Iron Age in 2017 (click HERE to email him for more info).

Thanks Again!!