Project co-Directors
Koby Sharvit - Director, IAA's Marine Archaeology Unit and Will Krieger - Associate Professor, URI

would like to welcome you to ICE, the Israel Coast Exploration Project

The ICE project is a partnership begun in 2010 between Sharvit and Krieger, dedicated to their interest in Israel's amazing (changing) coastline.

We welcome scholars and students to join us on our terrestrial, underwater, and amphibious projects.

Koby is in the water whenever the sun is shining (a lucky man). Krieger splits time between the classroom at URI and the dirt (or water) in Israel.

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Photos and Videos will go up here and on our Facebook page as soon as we get dirty/muddy.
(so, get your dig shoes and/or wetsuits ready)

Click HERE for Student PhotoEssays from our 2011 Season

Come back (regularly) to this page for more information about this project, and to see photos and videos of our progress (on land and underwater) in...

Eilat (2010 Survey)

Ashkelon (2010 Survey)

Caesarea (2010 Survey)

Akko (2010 Survey)

2011 Land Site

2011 UW Coastal Survey
2012 Hellenistic Harbor
2013 Hellenistic Harbor
Diving Eilat columns aquaduct akko1 Land Team 2011 shipshed Koby and Dror
more Eilat underwater Cap Akko foundation office work pre-dive

Scuba AVI

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possible harbor pools sunset wall diving sans Kirkur
coraldive floor Caesarea UW templar tunnel Find in Caisson hard core

more photos and video coming soon... check back regularly


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